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What is silk "momme"?

When choosing silk, the momme (mm) is what counts.

"Momme" (mm) is what is used to measure the density of silk and to understand the quality of the fabric. Just like a thread count is for other other fabrics. Basically, the higher the momme, the better the silk. 

silk coccoons 22 momme silk. Oxford silk pillowcase and eyemask. Toxin free silk

How do we understand momme?

The average momme silk that is used in clothing, bedding and other goodies ranges from 12 - 22 momme.

22 momme is the highest quality and thicker silk - making it also the most durable and long lasting. This means that more silk has gone into the threading of the fabric and creates the higher quality feel and look. 

At Artem Luxe, we craft every single one of our products using 22 momme silk. Not only is it thicker and smoother, but we dye the silk with plants and it's also OEKO-TEX certified toxin free. Better for you & the planet. 

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