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The Importance of Wearing a Face Mask

Protecting others, and yourself. Face masks play a key role in fighting COVID-19. 

  • As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, the UK government and other global ruling parties are recommending that everyone wear a face mask when they go out in public. In other countries it has become mandatory. 
  • Experts say won’t protect someone from getting sick, but they can help prevent the spread of the disease by those with the virus. Homemade masks cannot be made from any material as these do not give the right protection.
  • Experts also recommend that everyone continue social distancing and other preventive measures in addition to wearing face coverings.

We find ourselves in a really weird place. Face masks? Asia has been using them for years - not only to protect yourself but mostly to prevent spreading the flu or any other harmful bacteria to others. As we face an airborne global pandemic, it's the most important time to wear one.

silk face masks 100%mulberry silk gentle on face 3 layer protection

America is starting to emplace that citizens are required to them by law, as well as in many European countries. “It is becoming increasingly clear that all people should be wearing masks while out in public. Masks are a likely reason why the virus has been better controlled in China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries,” Dr. Subinoy Das, chief medical officer of Tivic Health and the chief executive officer of the U.S. Institute for Advanced Sinus Care and Research.

Will any mask do? The answer is no. "A cloth mask alone is unlikely to prevent you from inhaling microscopic virus particles", according to Rodney Rohde, PhD, chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program.

the importance of wearing a face mask

However, the pharmacy bought masks are creating a waste and pollution problem, as they are only to be used once because they carry bacteria and could increase potential infection if used often. 

The answer? "Comfort, not material, should be king when designing a mask. An uncomfortable mask that requires constant adjustment means more face touching and removal, he said, leading to more, not less, risk of contamination." 

Taking all of this into consideration, we studied the best protective material to create face masks from and found that "melt-blown" cotton is a great filtration fabric and that's why it's used in surgical masks.

Recent research has shown that "hybrid fabrics" (aka layering multiple materials) were able to filter the vast majority of particles. "Filtration efficiencies of the hybrids, such as cotton-silk, was > 80% (for particles < 300 nanometers) and > 90% (for particles >300 nanometers" according to researchers. 

Our Silk Face Masks were born. They are not only reusable but highly protective, comfortable and certified toxin free.

3 layers - beautiful, soft but protective. We of course decided to use the best protection filter material. Melt-blown cotton features in the middle of the design. The filtration layer is removable, creating an easy to wash reusable Silk Mask.

The outer and inner layers are crafted with our OEKO-TEX certified toxin free 100% 22 momme mulberry silk. Not only super soft on your skin but they're heat regulating (no more steamy face mask walks, yay!). Plus silk is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. What a perfect combination.

Our silk face masks are also fitted with adjustable straps to fit any size or hair-do, plus they have adjustable nose pieces to make it comfortable if you wear glasses. They also come in an eco-friendly draw string bag to keep them handy and clean (this is an important part after cleaning your mask).

3 layer silk face mask artem luxe

You can shop our 3 layer protective masks here. We have an option to add a donation to the NHS staff. Let's help beat COVID by protecting not only ourselves, but others too.

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