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So... What's the Deal with CBD?

What is CBD all about and what sets Artem's CBD apart?

CBD is a natural chemical compound, extracted from hemp/cannabis plant. CBD is not the only good compound extracted and bottled into our CBD, it also contains other cannabinoids which each have their own positive effect on our health and wellbeing. 

Artem's Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is mixed with MCT (coconut) oil. We add no flavorings, sugar or false additives. Our ingredients are natural products of the earth and are mixed together for improved taste, easier dosing and better absorption. This versatile, vegan friendly oil can be consumed straight, mixed into drink/food or even used directly on your skin and body. 

Artem Luxe Broad Spectrum CBD 500mg 30ml - natural hemp and coconut oil

How does CBD work?

As CBD is a completely natural compound, it works in harmony with our endocannabinoid system (ESC), which is a network of receptors, mostly found in our spinal cord and brain. These receptors are stimulated by the endocannabinoids (these naturally occur in our bodies too!) and are activated to a higher degree when consuming CBD and phytocannabinoids.

This improves the body's regular function, by signaling to your brain signs of imbalance. This is known as the "lock and key system." Your receptors (locks) are already in place and are activated with the cannabinoids (key) for improved bodily functions, health and wellbeing. 

Why use CBD?

CBD is the natural alternative. It can address multiple types of concerns at once and works to restore overall wellbeing and balance in the body and mind. 

1. Elevates Mood 

There are so many forms of anxiety and stress, which can effect each person differently. Did you know that CBD is effective for easing anxiety disorder, OCB, PD, post traumatic stress and social anxiety? This is because CBD activates our serotonin receptors, elevating our mood and making us feel better. It's an all natural mood enhancer. 

Artem Luxe CBD Easy to Use

2. Minimizes Pain

CBD may prevent pain and helps your body, joints and muscles with recovery. This is because it helps reduce inflammation and minimizes pain receptors. Whether you have stiff joints, sore muscles or period pains, CBD could help you. As an analgesic, it can reduce headaches and ease general discomfort. 

It's also great for athletes and sports recovery. With it's anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can ease strain and expedite the repair of muscles post workout. 

The effectiveness of using CBD for arthritis is well known. By working with our body to restore balance, it can help relieve pain by reducing swelling and effectively regulating the body's pain receptors. 

California's Centre of Medical Cannabis are conducting studies relating to the effectiveness of CBD relating to body tremors. One study found that "a single dose of CBD can decrease anxiety and tremor strength."

Dystonia effects muscles and movement, affecting muscles with painful cramps and spasms. One study showed that with the use of CBD, patients improved between 20% and 50%. 

CBD is also effective for nausea as an antiemetic. The key to controlling nausea is through the brain receptors. CBD interacts with serotonin receptors ultimately helping to block the feeling of sickness. 

The NHS also has it's own CBD Oil in the works. They are looking to focus this on the treatment of children with epilepsy. 

3. Deepens sleep and relaxation

CBD calms your nervous system, improving rest and sleep. Do you want a full night of sleep? CBD is good for stress relief, easing tension and also works with your circadian rhythm to improve your sleep. Remember to take your CBD an hour or so before bedtime. 

4. Great for skin

Did you know that CBD helps with eczema? It's no wonder that CBD is the new best ingredient for skincare as it holds antipruritic (anti-itching) and anti-microbial properties. It also helps reduce redness and helps the skin produce it's own natural anti-aging oils to restore moisture. Our CBD can be mixed into any creams to be used on your body or face. You can also use our CBD on it's own! 

Artem Luxe CBD for Skin

5. Non addictive or habit forming 

The World Health Organization released a report in 2017, confirming that CBD is not toxic, harmful or addictive in any way. This means that CBD does not create any dependency or withdrawal issues, making it an ideal choice for anyone that is concerned about becoming reliant on medication for their needs. 

6. No side effects 

Unlike many pharmaceutical medications, CBD has no side effects. It is also not possible to overdose on CBD. The UN recently recognized CBD for it's therapeutic values, and stated that it is not "particularly liable to abuse nor produce ill effects."

An Australian University lead out a study to see if CBD effected driving and they found "when given without THC, CBD does not effect a subject's ability to drive."

Another study took a look at the effects of CBD in the workplace. It found that using CBD outside of the workplace did not affect the employees performance or productivity during work hours. 

7. Easy to use

Artem Luxe CBD can be taken directly, any time of day or night. The fastest way to absorb it is by taking it under your tongue. It can be mixed into your morning smoothie, taken in your soup at dinner time or mixed into your creams for that lucky massage.

Remember to start with a small dosage of CBD per day (about 10-20mg) and increase if needed. CBD works differently for everyone, as we each have our own unique ESC system, so it is important to test what dose works best for you.

Artem Luxe Broad Spectrum CBD
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