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Satin vs. Silk

We get this question A LOT. It's a very important one to know the facts behind these fabrics... there are a lot of companies out there advertising satin pillowcases or other items with the benefits of silk fabric and we are here to tell you that it's JUST NOT TRUE. 

Satin vs. Silk - The Real Deal 

The real information behind silk vs satin


Satin and silk can sometimes look very similar. They both have a shine to them and can look lovely right? But we are here to tell you the real facts about how truly different these fabrics are. 

Silk is a 100% natural fibre that has been created with care for thousands of years. At one time in history, it was such an important trading fabric that it sold more than gold! Satin however has invented later and is a completely man-made fibre. 

The facts behind Silk: 

  1. 100% natural product. 
  2. A pure charmeuse shine. 
  3. Reduces friction on hair and skin by up to 47%.
  4. The softest fabric on Planet Earth.
  5. Naturally hypoallergenic - this means that it cannot hold any bacteria, fungus, mold etc. and is good for sensitive skin. 
  6. Naturally anti-aging by up to 43% - this is because silk cannot absorb water from your skin or drink up your skincare products.  
  7. Heat regulating - breathable in summer and warm in winter.

The facts behind Satin: 

  1. A man-made, synthetic fibre.
  2. Fake glossy shine created by using a weave. Can sometimes be a mix of silk and satin (which improves the satin as it can be for example 50/50) however READ THE LABEL as satin can be a mix of ANYTHING including nylon, polyester, oils or even petroleum. There's no need to go into detail about how bad that can be for your skin & health!
  3. A cheaper alternative. 
  4. Reduces friction up to only 30%
  5. Has no anti-microbial properties and can hold bacteria and other fungus, therefore does not help or protect sensitive skin. 
  6. Has no anti-aging properties as satin is a synthetic fibre, therefore absorbs moisture and skin products.  
  7. Overheating - satin causes overheating and night sweats. 
Silk vs satin Silk vs satin
So there you have it. The basic rundown on why and how silk beats satin any day of the week. 
Silk is a difficult fabric to make, hence the slightly higher price tag. But there is a reason for it. Satin is a quick buy that you will keep for maybe a few months and the only benefit of it would be anti-friction... while silk will last you a lifetime and is an investment for your skin, hair and health for so many reasons! 
Artem Luxe uses only 100% silk - plus unlike other silk companies, we use 100% plant based dyes making sure that our silk fabric is even better for you while ensuring the earth is clean from toxic nasties and waste. 
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