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Interview: Jacob Mellish, professional yoga instructor

We met up with yoga teacher and professional surfer Jacob Mellish to talk about health, positive living and the importance of sleep. Originally from South Africa, he now trains and teaches in Edinburgh. Follow his instagram to keep updated on his latest classes and workshops: @surfyogijacob 

1. What got you into yoga? 

I started yoga in a way of helping my surfing. I was really tight and yoga helped me to flow better with the waves and universe. 

2. What do you depict as a healthy lifestyle? 

Taking care of yourself. Through what you eat, how you take care of your body for example keeping active. Positive relationships, who and what you surround yourself with is important. Keeping positive habits. Lastly, finding the sacred in the mundane. 

3. Tell me about your sleep patterns? 

Sleep is a sacred thing for me because with sleep we have the opportunity to dream. Dreaming is tapping into the subconscious mind. It's where everything becomes possible. When I go to sleep I try to make it as peaceful an environment as possible. For example, I need my silk pillow and darkness with a sleep mask. 

4. What is your life motto? 

The more you think you know, the less you know. The less you think you know, the more you know.