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CBD & Anxiety

The coronavirus pandemic has overtaken our daily existence for over a year. A topic that is brought up around us daily, whether it be on zoom calls, adverts on T.V or while we are taking our daily walks. For many, it's created a maze of anxiety, depression and confusion. 

On top of our usual day-to-day stresses, we now find ourselves faced with job loss, economic uncertainty, limited social activities, social awkwardness and the lack of diversity of what we can do with our spare time other then "stay at home".

Now in the U.K we face another stage of this stress... coming out of lockdown and going back to "normal". This has created more social anxiety and general anxiety than ever before.  

Artem Luxe CBD for Anxiety

One of the biggest reasons people have chosen to use CBD is for anxiety. Unlike cannabis, CBD is known for a "chilled out" effect on your body and mind without the "high". Ultimately CBD users have reported feeling relaxed while using CBD. 

Research has shown that CBD's natural effects and treatment is equal to that of anti-anxiety medication, without the detrimental long term effects that the medication can cause. The study shows that CBD is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders, which can include social anxiety, post traumatic stress, OCD, panic attacks, generalized anxiety and more. Read more about the study here. 

How is CBD known to alleviate anxiety and stress? Much like anti-anxiety medication, CBD is understood to activate serotonin - this is your body's natural "happy chemical compound". It is a natural mood enhancer. 

Even without the extremity of the pandemic, many people experience social anxiety daily - this is caused by extreme consciousness and stress in every day social situations. Whether it is meeting up with others, eating in front of others or specific to certain situations, anxiety can come up at anytime. And it is only on the rise due to lockdown measures and increased distance between ourselves and others. 

Another recent study showed how CBD provided long lasting calming effects and improved sleep for a patient suffering from post traumatic stress. They tried CBD after pharmaceutical treatments seemed short-lived and had serious side effects. 

A study on CBD showed how the plant compounds work with our body's natural system in the brain to prevent anxious feelings. It does this by effectively working together with our body's receptors and blood flow. 

CBD ultimately has been noted to have a hugely positive impact for those suffering with anxiety - creating profound anti-anxiety effects.

Artem Luxe CBD for anxiety
With more and more people facing sleepless nights, increased anxiety & daily stresses, it's no wonder that an increased number of individuals find themselves looking for a natural remedy and finding solace with CBD. 

Now is a good time to give Artem Luxe CBD a try - may it be a solution for you during the changes ahead, the COVID-19 pandemic and a natural remedy for future use too. 

Not only can the effects felt almost instantaneously but it can be used daily, at any time and easily used on-the-go. It offers fast relief from anxiety whenever and wherever it arises.