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Biologically Closest to Human Skin

SILK is biologically closer to human skin that any other fabric we use, but is it durable?

In our last blog, we mentioned that silk threads are made up of amino acids which work together with our skin cells to relax stressed nervous systems thus aiding our ability to fall into deep sleep. But is this biocompatible fabric durable enough for our busy lifestyles? 




How do you care for silk?

Unless you’ve owned silk, you aren’t actually aware of how durable it is. Silk is easily washed, very durable and the longest-lasting fabric, if cared for properly. Our silk pillowcases are machine washable and you are even able to iron them on a slight warm setting. The only thing that destroys silk threads are harsh chemicals, so although our silk pillowcases are machine washable, make sure that you use a gentle detergent and a gentle cycle. We like to use organic detergents with plenty of plant power. Our silk sleep masks should be hand washed as they are stuffed with silk for extra softness, and the seams could come undone over time. 

What is the benefit of sleeping on material that is close to my skin?

Silk threads are made up of amino acids so the benefits of sleeping on silk don’t stop at being aesthetically pleasing or romantic, sleeping on silk has wonderful health benefits for your skin.

 What are amino acids? They are the building blocks of protein, the same building blocks that human skin is made up from, that is why we can say that silk is the closest material to our own skin. It is because of this reason that we feel so comfortable sleeping on silk, the reason silk maintains our body temperature as we sleep and the reason that silk does not wick away our skin’s moisture, as cotton and synthetic fabrics do. Sleeping on silk is the cherry on top of your beauty routine. The price is well worth the investment.

Production and processing of natural silk is one of the most complex technological processes in the textile industry, yet the ancient Eastern cultures have been spinning and using silk it for years. Modern science uses silk material for wound dressing and new attention has recently been given to the utility of silk extracts in skin care product formulation. 

At Artem Luxe, we chose to create our products from a 22 momme silk weight and especially chose mulberry silk, as it is the most naturally crafted silk and is the best for your skin and health. There are plenty of silk pillowcases and sleep masks on the market but few have the best quality mulberry silk. It’s thicker, smoother and more luxurious.

If cared for, these pillowcases and sleep masks will protect and nourish for your aging skin and will last a long time. Silk is the epitome of luxury, yet washable and hardy. You can place your silk pillowcases in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, with gentle soap and they will last forever. It is no wonder that silk is accepted, undisputedly, as The Queen of Textiles.