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CBD & Anxiety

With more and more people facing sleepless nights, increased anxiety & daily stresses, it's no wonder that an increased number of individuals find themselves looking for a natural remedy and finding solace with CBD. 

Satin vs. Silk

THE REAL INFO - We get this question A LOT. It's a very important one to know the facts behind these fabrics...there are a lot of companies out there advertising satin pillowcases or other items with the benefits of silk fabric and we are here to tell you that it's NOT TRUE. 

So... What's the Deal with CBD?

CBD is a natural chemical compound, known for it's positive effect on our health and wellbeing. Whether it is for sleep, reducing anxiety or pain relief, CBD is easy to use and has no side effects.

10 Reasons to Switch to Silk

An experts advice: hairdresser and makeup artist Zowie Pointing talks why you should be sleeping on silk.

Giving Back to Vulnerable Communities

We have done great work, together. A BIG thank you to everyone who purchased one of our Triple Layered Silk Face Masks. A percentage of each mask sold has been donated to two very important charities in South Africa. 

What is silk "momme"?

"Momme" (mm) is what is used to measure the density of silk and to understand the quality of the fabric. Just like a thread count is for other other fabrics. Basically, the higher the momme, the better the silk.

The Importance of Wearing a Face Mask

Will any mask do? The answer is no. "A cloth mask alone is unlikely to prevent you from inhaling microscopic virus particles", according to Rodney Rohde, PhD, chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program. That's why we have created the 3 layer protection face mask.

STAY HOME: natural DIY face mask recipe ideas

Creating your own DIY home face mask is not only fun, almost eatable but also super simple! There is nothing a face mask doesn't fix. How to make your own spa-worthy face masks with ingredients you have at home. 

Talks with Ethical and Organic, INKA Botanicals

Ambassadors of Morocco's traditional beauty & wellbeing, INKA Botanicals is making waves in the ethical and organic beauty industry.

The Stages of Sleep & Tips to Improve Yours

If sleep were easy, we would all do it, yes? But we don’t – not successfully. This blog post discusses the 5 stages of sleep and how to improve your sleep. 

Interview: Dietitian Nutritionist, Emily Leeming

We met up with Dietitian Nutritionist, Emily Leeming to talk about why you can’t have health without a positive relationship with food. 

Guide to a Natural Korean Skincare Routine

Your guide to the famous 10 step Korean beauty routine using only with natural products. Over the last few years, we've tested many of the wonderful skincare goodies that Korea has created. We wanted to share with you the best of the best that we found along the way.